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We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry. In serving clients large and small, we have gained expertise in a broad range of responsibilities and/or skill sets.

Cost Accounting
In construction, Cost Accounting is the key to making informed and timely decisions at every level of the firm. A successfully developed Cost Accounting system will be the foundation for the flow of information throughout your firm. From the very inception of your general ledger chart of accounts to the very last project related job cost code, we look forward to where you want your firm to be, and we design and implement the system to suit your particular needs.
We can teach you and/or your team members the skills required for proper Budget management. Staying on Budget through monitoring and variance analysis tied to Cost Accounting is paramount to job cost control and maximizing gross margins.
Work In Process
Whether you are a large billion dollar contractor, or a smaller niche contractor, it is imperative to know where you stand on a consistent basis. We can help you with the development, monitoring and reporting of your Work In Process. You’ll be able to see all your ongoing project summary data in a single location – allowing you to easily determine where you are ahead of the game, or where you need to pay closer attention.
Project Closeout & Review
Project Closeout is possibly one of the most neglected aspects of any contracting firm. Failure to properly document and protect contract and design documents, evidence of insurance coverages, warranty transfers, systems manuals and invoice & payment history leaves the door wide open to future liability exposure, and an inability to collect on those final retention receivables.
Workflow Design & Control
As a contractor, you are inundated with paperwork and bills to pay. From the delivery and processing of the daily mail, the way your firm deals with the flow of documents throughout the organization can mean the difference between a profitable job and a loss. We can customize a solution to suit the make-up of your organization.
Prime Contract and Subcontract Development and Review
It could be a one page Work Authorization, a Subcontract or a 500 page Prime Contract – if it’s not right, it could cost you your business. We can help construct a document that fits your particular experience, so that you are properly represented and protected in your contracts. We can also help you on a case by case basis with a review of your contracts to ensure that your company is not assuming any more risk than you are prepared to take.
Subcontractor Prequalification
For General Contractors specifically – Unless you are self-performing 100% of your work, you are going to utilize Subcontractors. Those subcontractors then become part of your team, and as such present a risk of failure for you and your team. If you open your process to bidding, you owe it to yourself to Pre-Qualify each bid and each bidder. We can determine the financial stability of your subs, identify their current capacity and advise accordingly as to whether they have the ability to service you and your clients properly.
Insurance Program Review and Procurement
Insurance premiums can be a construction company owner’s worst nightmare – or close to it. We work closely with the Country’s leading brokers to bring the right level of coverage to your firm; then remain an integral part of your team to provide services in claims tracking and management, insurance contract review, project specific insurance review and evidence of coverage certificates.
Insurance Claim Management & Administration
Some firms have dedicated claims management departments. Why? Proper claim documentation and management is essential to finding yourself on the winning side of the table. Let’s face it, no one really wants to wind up in a claim situation, but they do occur frequently. Claims documentation is an exhaustive process, and calls upon every aspect of your firm to get the job done right. We will work with your entire team in order to produce the right information in the right format to meet your contractual obligations – both to your insurance carrier as well as your claim counterpart.
Safety Program/Manual Creation
If you have employees, and your firm is in construction, then you need to have Safety on the brain. Safe employment and job site practices not only save money, but more importantly lives. We can create for your firm anything from the simple Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) to a full-blown job specific safety and emergency preparedness manual.
Human Resource Policy Management
Are you aware that there is law relating to the format in which you maintain employee files? The field of Human Resources has evolved substantially over the years. Keeping up with the changes can present a challenge for the firm that does not have the ability to maintain HR specific managers. We can help you navigate the always changing environment with everything from job descriptions, personnel review process, salary structures, disciplinary documentation and company specific employee handbooks.
Staff Development, Training and Teambuilding
The most valuable asset your firm has is it’s employees. The ability to attract and retain the best in the business is to provide an environment in which they can feel free to be themselves; to teach them about the big picture and how each task is essential to smooth operational flow; allow them the freedom to learn everything and anything about your firm; let them find the right fit for their needs. We can help you provide that environment.
Strategy: Envision, Plan, Implement & Control
In business as in life, an organization needs direction to get to where they want to be. Sometimes as Managers, we get to busy it seems to take the time to map out our way. We can guide that effort in many ways. We can partake in the actual formulation of ideas to simply moderating the meeting in which your team can strategize your future.


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